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Sites using Grails

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99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party

99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party

99dresses is the world's largest 24/7 clothes swap party in an app. Trade fashion with friends and other stylish women, and refresh your closet as often as you like.

You'll never have to wear the same thing twice!

      • HOW IT WORKS *
List clothes, shoes and accessories to immediately earn 'buttons' to spend.

2. CLAIM ITEMS Use your buttons to claim fashion that other women are giving away. All items are FREE, but you pay for the shipping label.

3. RECEIVE, WEAR & ENJOY! When you get bored of the item just re-list it in a click and go claim something new!

99dresses is the easiest way to refresh your closet and get your shopping fix, 100% guilt free!

  • 99dresses is much faster, easier and cheaper than selling your fashion for cash (no commissions here)
  • Trade with confidence. We guarantee that you are happy with every trade.
  • Connect with our vibrant community of other fashionable women
  • Swapping fashion is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about looking stylish


Interview programming assessments for the most popular languages

QualifiedCoder is a Dutch startup which has recently launched a new product to assess programmers skills online as part of an interview process. iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C#, C++ are among the languages we assess. Our programming assessments are made by Programmers for Programmers and contain real-world examples and questions. The candidate doesn't have to be a walking reference manual or expect any trick questions. When the assessment is complete, an easy to read PDF with a complete inventory of the candidate's skills is delivered.


SmartBiobank, the intelligent digital biobank system uses Grails. It's free to u...

SmartBiobank is a free, online biobank software designed to help clinicians, lab biologists and researchers to integrate translational research elements into one single system. SmartBiobank can store, manage and analyze biospecimen data, clinical data as well as experimental data. SmartBiobank is fully customizable. Users can choose from several types of questions and then build forms freely from these questions. Forms are then linked to patients or samples creating the basic structure of the project.

Online Shopping Review Site

Reviews of online shopping websites

Browse unbiased online shopping sites reviews, ratings and rankings. Find best and worst online shopping websites. Get reviews of clothing websites, entertainment websites, cars websites, bikes websites, music websites, mobile phones websites, books websites, airlines websites, restaurants websites, hotels websites and more.

ClipJoos - Social Shopping Simplified

Make your shopping fun, social and rewarding

Save what you like on any website in 1-click using our browser bookmark and extensions. Discover new producs. Invent new offers. Compare prices instantly. Find new shopper friends having similar shopping interests. Get free online vouchers!

Mission 1-stop destination for managing shopping wish-lists of one and all

JobJoos - Simplifying Hiring!

A fresh approach to recruiting. Only what really matters!

Its a platform to put recruiting on steroids! It offers a SaaS platform to increase productivity and reduce costs by factors in hiring/recruiting function, with private label capability and pay-per-use. It offers 4 pillars :-

a) Super awesome applicant tracking and management system b) Innovative Video interviews platform c) Social referral recruiting using FB/Twitter/LinkedIn d) Integrated Assessments

You can find 1 minute video on website as well. A powerful ATS increases productivity by factors (with seamless integration with existing systems using simple email). Video interviews platform reduces shortlisting time by factors. Social referral recruiting platform automates the very effective "referral hiring". Assessments help you pre-screening candidates and save tonnes of time.


FreeTicket.TV is multilanguage web portal that offers quality video, documentari...

FreeTicket.TV is multilanguage web portal that offers quality video, documentaries and series online with search engine on top of it. You can find great content on but their search engine doesn't allow you to actually find there anything interesting, instead you are flooded with video that you didn't wan't to watch. So in short FreeTicket agregate publicly available video content and organize them in well organized way. We used RabbitMq to distribute nods tasks responsible for scaning the Internet and searching for new movies, Grails Searchable - Apache Lucene is serving search in our system. We have integrated API with services like,,,, and Google Search where we do our data mining.

Find recent bird sightings at any map location

A site that uses Grails, Google Maps API v3, JSON API v1.1, and jQuery to discover birds near a location that have been reported to by birders. The rich user interface has queries to find all bird species recently reported near a location, notable species in a selected region, and the locations of a particular bird species -- anywhere in the world.


French website that is proposing financial products for personal needs.

French website that is proposing financial products for personal needs. Finansemble is the 1st collective buying webstie proposing financial product where conditions is getting better and better thanks to the number of subscribers. - Offer Great Value Offers In Ireland

Great value offers in Ireland is an Irish owned website which has been successfully promoting and booking exceptional hotel deals for many years. We have been offering the best value hotel deals available in Ireland, and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Based on this model has expanded into the world of well priced added value add-ons though a further range of services, with a large selection of Restaurants, Golf Courses and Activities offering the discerning customer the choice of places to stay and eat, together with things to do during your trip.


Social Betting Game

BetHUNT is jump forward in the betting sector that is suggesting a social approach. Through virtual bets on our platform you can learn how to bet with real odds from major UK brookers on the hottest international soccer events. Challenge yourself and your friends never been so easy!

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