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Sites using Grails

Built a site using Grails? Tell us about it and help spread the word about Grails usage! Submit Website for Approval.


Web portal delivering information about cultural events in Poland

Created with Grails and postgreSQL by one developer. It allows users to find events happening around them - cultural events, concerts, cinema events, etc.


Teleradiology Service

Teleradiology system that helps physicians visualize images and conduct report, then the system sends the next generated by e-mail, and sent to a specialized clinic.

Print service in Belarus

Site intended to create and order printed products(Postcards, Greeting card, Mag...

The app located at The client side is written in Apache Flex and server side is in Grails + BlazeDS.

Billastick - Online Billing System

This is an online billing/invoice system which is useful to keep track total sal...

This is an online billing/invoice system which is useful to keep track total sales of business and total payament. This application contains Tax, Items, Esitmation, Invoice, Refund, Credit Note, Customer, Report modules.

As of now this application is developed for Indian users only. Every user who do selling can use this system and track all payments and sale based on their customers. User can generate custom report for Credit/Debit invoice and payment.


Sale and Order of Crafts

EL ISLERI is a e-commerce (craft ) website.This is our second project that completely written in Grails! Grails is a perfect framework for JAVA developer and Companies

Equilibrium Appraisal System

Equilibrium Appraisal System build by Leapfin Solutions is a performance managem...

Equilibrium Appraisal System build by Leapfin Solutions is a performance management system used by multiple law firms in South Africa. It is a simple Software as a Service (SAAS) where clients subscribe for a given period. The main goal of the application was to solve the recurring problem in most organization that there was no easy way to monitor the progress of employees. The application enables employees to complete online appraisals , set goals and record when goals are achieved. All the data collected is stored in a secure centralized database that enables easy access and safe storage.

The application was built using grails for the backend and angularjs, jquery for the front end. We also used amazon web services, in particular, Amazon Simple email Services for notifications.

Application built by Thando Mafela


Reliable Rideshares & Carpooling for Morocco

Dinim3ak facilitates the pairing of passengers and drivers wanting to rideshare mostly within.The services offered by Dinim3ak are accessible online at Dinim3ak's website.

The driver membership allows you to post rides, that is, to post an itinerary inviting potential passengers to rideshare with you in exchange for a contribution for gas and benefit from Dinim3ak's pairing service. The driver membership lasts for a full calendar year. You can post a ride by using our website, enabling you to benefit from the exposure to Dinim3ak's community of ridesharers and potential passengers.

99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party

99dresses - The World's Largest Clothes Swap Party

99dresses is the world's largest 24/7 clothes swap party in an app. Trade fashion with friends and other stylish women, and refresh your closet as often as you like.

You'll never have to wear the same thing twice!

      • HOW IT WORKS *
List clothes, shoes and accessories to immediately earn 'buttons' to spend.

2. CLAIM ITEMS Use your buttons to claim fashion that other women are giving away. All items are FREE, but you pay for the shipping label.

3. RECEIVE, WEAR & ENJOY! When you get bored of the item just re-list it in a click and go claim something new!

99dresses is the easiest way to refresh your closet and get your shopping fix, 100% guilt free!

  • 99dresses is much faster, easier and cheaper than selling your fashion for cash (no commissions here)
  • Trade with confidence. We guarantee that you are happy with every trade.
  • Connect with our vibrant community of other fashionable women
  • Swapping fashion is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about looking stylish


Interview programming assessments for the most popular languages

QualifiedCoder is a Dutch startup which has recently launched a new product to assess programmers skills online as part of an interview process. iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C#, C++ are among the languages we assess. Our programming assessments are made by Programmers for Programmers and contain real-world examples and questions. The candidate doesn't have to be a walking reference manual or expect any trick questions. When the assessment is complete, an easy to read PDF with a complete inventory of the candidate's skills is delivered.


SmartBiobank, the intelligent digital biobank system uses Grails. It's free to u...

SmartBiobank is a free, online biobank software designed to help clinicians, lab biologists and researchers to integrate translational research elements into one single system. SmartBiobank can store, manage and analyze biospecimen data, clinical data as well as experimental data. SmartBiobank is fully customizable. Users can choose from several types of questions and then build forms freely from these questions. Forms are then linked to patients or samples creating the basic structure of the project.

Built with Grails 2.5.0