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Sites using Grails

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track working hours and productivities of your employees

timesaver is a web application to track working hours and exists in two different editions. One is tailored to fit the needs of major enterprises and the other is customized to the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises. With the enterprise edition of timesaver you can easily enter, manage and approve working hours, productivities, absences and expenses. The many interfaces let you completely integrate timesaver into your existing infrastructure. timesaver for SME is continuously improved and optimized to fit needs of SME’s free of charge. timesaver is completely free and fully featured for two users per company. With the many years of experience in developing the enterprise edition we have gained many insights and have a big knowledge base which is constantly influencing our SME-edition of timesaver

Online gifting and rewards platform in India

We are an online gifting and rewards platform for corporate and individuals. We provide rewards platform for corporate that help them manage all the employee rewards through

We also offer online gift registry, online wish list and instant gift redemption option for individuals. We promote gift cards. registry and wish list using online marketing, bulk emails and offline channels.


Your true competition companion

ClashMate is a single integrated place for everything like online test with new and excited questions everyday, news manager where you can find all current affairs and other content without having tense of collecting these things, and also you can track and analyze your past progress easily in a unique and awesome way with the help of various charts and graphs. Well these are just our some of awesome and unique features.

Appyfry is an online gifting and rewards platform that offers wide variety of gi... offers the most generous cashback platform to its members. With over 25 online partners to choose from, members enjoy the broad list of cashback partners. Members can earn rewards with Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, FabFurnish, Jabong and many more such partners For the first time in India, Appyfry bring the online Gift Registry and Wish List that merges the easy of use along with wide variety of gifting options. So be it a Birthday or Marriage or Anniversary it a group gifting based out of contributions or individual it an individual or corporate gift, we have got it all.

We have over 50 variety of gift cards that can be purchased and gifted instantly by individuals and corporate. We also offer corporate gifting solution to organizations of any size.

Snap Up Real Estate - Listing Portal for Canada

Snap Up Real Estate is Canada's integrated listing portal site. Datafeeds from m...

Snap Up Real Estate integrates with Canada's leading sources of listing data. Realtors can sync their listings to Snap Up through CREA. Landlords can sync their listings through RentSync. Property developers can integrate listings with standard or customized datafeeds. Individuals can add and manage their listings manually. No user is excluded. 50% of profit is pledged to worthy causes!


Scentbird is a subscription recommendation service for perfume.

For $14.95 USD per month, subscribers to Scentbird will have access to a 30-day supply of over 350 top designer fragrances, including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Hermes, Gucci and Marc Jacobs delivered directly to their door in a sleek and beautiful purse-sized spray. The 0.27oz-sized bottle (about the size of a rollerball) contains your choice of perfume. Subscribers can choose their fragrance based on suggestions from Scentbird’s TruScent™ Recommender, which leverages a database of thousands of scent profiles and 500,000 reviews by real women. Or, find their match searching by brand, mood, occasion or personality. Customers create a queue of different scents they want to experience in the coming months, or continue on with a scent they feel connected to for as long as they want.


PersiaPort is a destination promotion website based in Europe.

Being start-up and considering the time to market, our team benefited using Grails framework the most. Except from few team members, learning Grails and Groovy was part of our team building process which went very well. To get exactly what we needed, we have developed our responsive web application, back office processes and our own Content Management System (CMS) using Grails.


Sistema Administración de PROpieades INmobiliarias

Aplicación desarrollada para la completa administración de propiedades inmobiliarias, así como sus arrendamientos, ingresos, gastos, mantenimientos y demás operaciones de su ciclo de vida. Impresión y conciliación de documentos (facturas y recibos). Sistema multiempresa (los usuarios se agrupan en cuentas, quedando la información de cada una sólo accesible para sus usuarios).


Koalist recommends you new likes and lists to discover, based on your previous l...

Simply, like movies,tv shows,musicians, games, pretty much anything to get suggestions (by e-mail and whenever you visit Koalist) and latest news based on your likes! Koalist only shows content you are interested, keeps you up-to-date with news you want to see.


you can't be found on nderground

A stealth mode start-up that leverages Grails. Security and the power for the Java ecosystem is important to us. As is rapid development and being able to manage a complex web application. Grails gives us all of this.


Provides registration services for races, marathons, triathlons and more

RunnerCard was founded in 1996 by world-class runner Doug Padilla. He is a two-time Olympian, a 12-time USA National Champion and set 7 American Records. In 1983, he was ranked #1 in the world in the 3000 meters.

Padilla and his staff have developed a company that provides superior service, with accuracy being key. They are innovative, having pioneered the intermediate scoring protocol for the 1999 NCAA Cross Country Championships.

Padilla understands the need for making things easy for a race director. As the Director of Operations at Brigham Young University, he has 15 years experience directing collegiate and high school track and cross country meets. He has hosted and/or timed numerous events, including many NCAA and State Championships. Last year RunnerCard serviced more than 130 road races, triathlons, cross country meets, bike races and snow events.

ictwebtraveller backend service is developing mobile travel guides. In order to help travelers collect and organize their data we have developed this backend where everyone who cooperates with us can easily save his information. When this process has finished we integrate information into the mobile application and distribute it to the appropriate store such as App store.

Built with Grails 2.5.0