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Sites using Grails

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Netflix Asgard

Grails is the basis for Asgard, the Netflix open source web interface for applic...

Netflix uses Grails for many internal web applications used by employees and partners. Engineers appreciate the combination of high development velocity, ability to use Java libraries, and minimalism of boilerplate code.

Grails is the basis for Asgard, the Netflix open source web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Asgard was created by a handful of developers and is now in use in other companies including Obama for America.


NOWTV powered by Sky is an online movie and sports streaming service.

Delivering instant movie awesomeness since, right now.

You can sign up to NOW TV, powered by Sky, to start enjoying top Sky Movies titles streamed through your broadband connection. There’s no contract, set up or installation. Simply pay for what you want when you want it, whether that’s renting a movie from Sky Store on a one-off, Pay & Play basis, or a month-to-month Sky Movies Pass for all-you-can-watch, on-demand viewing. It’s perfect if you need to keep the kids entertained all day during the school holidays, or you just want to catch that blockbuster you missed at the cinema.

Yellow Pages Mobile

Yellow Pages Responsive Website for Mobile and Tablets (Desktop coming soon)

After much needed work on the Yellow Pages Mobile website, the team undertook the task of rewriting the site using Responsive Web Design techniques. The team benefited from the rapid application development provided by the Grails framework and is further aided by the plugins available in the ecosystem. As such, the team was able to focus explicitly on building the features of the site rather than spend time on plumbing.

The framework's foundation in Java/JVM also helped the team a great deal as their primary proficiency was in Java and learning Groovy was relatively straightforward for them. All in all, the experience with the Grails framework has been overwhelmingly positive.

Citrus Lane

care packages for parents - baby and child products, parent tips, curated subscr...

Curated subscription service for parents with babies or toddlers.


French website for a major French insurance, the one dedicated to health workers. The website has been partially remade so far, the purpose being that the front-office runs entirely on Grails2 by mid-2012.

The application uses MySql, and communicates with the (fully separated) back-office using JMS messages.

Fully designed, hand-made, and hosted by Clever Age, France.


Biglots is the nations largest broadline closeout retailer, Big Lots has the power to negotiate the best deals in the business. We sell a broad range of high-quality, brand-name products, including consumables, seasonal items, furniture, housewares, toys, electronics, home decor, tools and gifts.

Vodafone Music

After having evaluated several Java frameworks, we decided that Grails was perfect to fulfil our requirements and be able to develop and launch the new Vodafone Music Store in a very short time, meeting the strict deadline for product launch.

Grails provides the developers with all the tools needed to achieve the tasks in an efficient and effective manner without having to deal with configurations or low level details.


We built an online To Do List and Project Management application called Manymoon on Grails. The framework helped us quickly develop a simple, working product that we could release to customers and start gathering feedback. Grails made it easy for us to quickly iterate and improve the application based on this feedback. We also liked the integration with Hibernate and Spring since it reduces the amount of time to develop and test code. We have received great feedback from customers on Manymoon...especially the performance! Manymoon is like Facebook for projects and you can use it today to manage your software development project.


Ticketbis is an internet website where everyone may buy and sell tickets for concerts, festivals, theater plays, football matches, etc. using the fastest, easiest, and most secure method.

The biggest and most successful group buying website in the Middle East. Operating in 5 countries, more than 1,2 million users, up to 1,000 concurrent visitors, it proves it is fast and scalable.

A skill marketplace

At Gofind we built a marketplace built on Grails for your skills and talent. Grails has been great help visualizing our idea, It fast tracked our development process by many folds, while focused on features. While gofind is still in beta the features we have envisioned for this platform should make it most authentic and vibrant community driven platform.Gofind Platform is inherently expressive and it allows talent to showcase its work and customers to view them in real.It has a rich javascript UI.

Insurance Comparision

Portal to compare multiple insurance providers is the largest financial product comparison site in the middle east. Recently they have launched a new portal developed in Grails 3.x.x to to compare insurance provider to compare and buy insurance online for Car, Travel, Home, Life etc.

Online dating site is a free dating site for singles. Free features include: Speedy registration Send and receive emails View who likes you Block and hide users Restrict emails by match percent, gender, age, characters All emails are encrypted


Servermeile is a site where you can configure and buy your Serversystem (Germany...

Selling Server systems is our passion. You can sign up on our site and log in. You can configure your own server system and save it. Alternatively you can order it directly through our site or just generate a pdf with an offer. Our customer service helps you in finding the right server for you. We sell our server systems only in germany, austria and switzerland.

API Fortress

API Testing platform

API Fortress is an API testing and monitoring solution that requires no coding. Create intelligent tests that confirm the uptime, speed, and accuracy of any API using the assisted visual composer. Grails has been our choice since day 1 for our dashboard, and exceeded our expectations in any possible way. Rapid implementation, stability and scalability just confirmed it is one of the key technologies for our present and future.

Unmask The Corrupt

Transparency International Global Anti-Corruption Campaign Website

An anti-corruption campaign website that involved several challenges especially with security and encryption. Grails was the best candidate and proven rock solid in may areas of the project; security, performance, ease of use, rapid development, integration among many other features. The project was such a success that the development team decided to adapt Grails as the standard development framework for external communications websites at Transparency International.


Java Compliance, time to market really short, active comunity, well defined conc...

It was a challenge, and we found in grails all is needed to build java compliant web application in short time with a team of 2 peoples, only 1 of these had technical skill. Thank you to GRAILS TEAM


Manage your projects easily and quickly.

Organize your daily activities, BTask gives you the tools to take full control of your project in one place.

Fragen und Antworten auf is a full responsive question and answer portal based on Grails 2.5...

What you can do on You can ask questions, answer and/or bookmark them, get emails when new answers were given and you can also collect points for good answers.

Technologies used:

  • Grails 2.5.3
  • Foundation as Grid-System
  • Curl.js as AMD-Loader

Canberra immo

French Real Estate crowdfunding website

Canberra immo is a French Real Estate crowdfunding website. Investors are given the opportunity to invest in real estate in major markets such as Paris area and the French Riviera for as little as 2.000 €. Investors can register, select an investment opportunity and monitor investments online.

Trading Dollars and Bitcoins for LatinoAmerica

This site is an ecommerce solution to allow trading dollars from LA countries to...

The IT Solution is based on Grails + Jboss -Tomcat using https for all transactions and Mysql database . It works with desktop and most mobile devices ( Bootstarp backed ) More info and demo available upon request

The business rules -Our LA customers buy with credit cards bitcoins and they pay in local currencies to the cc company.(ies) - -We buy and sell bitcoins on behalf of them and deposit the cash in the USA accounts so they can legally transfer dollars to USA to a good rate and we get our fees. this emulates in a smaller scale some stock exchange operations done in LA called ( example) contado con liqui or contado futuro

I say legally as technically Bitcoins are not a legal currency ,so no LA monetary regulation is 'touched' or offended.

To prevent money laundering we have limited our customers to 2000 u$s a month and 20,000 u$s a year.

Also our company is located in Cayman to ensure privacy to customers

Besides ,we have a solid reserve to absorb bitcoin fluctuations and we handle the buy & sell thru different traders worldwide , to reduce that risk.

Any comment welcome

Built with Grails 2.5.0