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Easytha is a free online portal to make education easier for all. It is the one stop shop for learning, teaching, profile building and hiring. Whatever category of learner you are, a student at school preparing for exams, a recent graduate looking to test yourself for the right qualifications to go abroad, or an aspiring job seeker who wants his profile to be known at EasyTha is the right destination for testing and scoring yourself. Easytha also allows you to save your scorecards to track your performance records. If you are an educator or a publisher of papers, Easytha is the place where you can spread the knowledge database. With an easy access to a variety of papers you can write your own test papers, design exams and even publish them for students to access. Easytha is also the platform where employers can view profiles of job seekers and in turn job seekers can also get visibility by publishing their scorecards on the website. No matter how you are related to education, Easytha is the destination for you.

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