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This page is an ideas dump for proposed features. None of what is on here is likely to be implemented yet (or it may be but no documentation exists for it!). Here are some of the ideas ongoing:

  1. Search forms scaffolding
  2. Mail from Grails (Mail Round 1)
  3. Messaging Integration (Mail Round 2)
  4. Grails Standard Mail (Mail Round 3)
  5. Test data fixtures
  6. Data Binding and PropertyEditors (converters for input/output fields)
  7. Scaffolding of field editors
  8. GORM Index definitions
  9. GORM explicit mapping definitions
  10. Improvements to HTTP method restrictions
  11. Portal Functionality
  12. Filters
  13. ExtUI DSL
  14. Smarter grails tags
  15. Dynamic Locale change
Potentially obsolete proposals:
  1. New Controller Types
  2. IDE Integration Proposal (JetGroovy is looking very promising, maybe still needed to support open source tools)

Graduates from the Sandbox

  1. Script hooks
  2. Page Flows
  3. Application metadata
  4. Command objects and Form Validation
  5. Laszlo on Grails
  6. Property Encodings Proposal i.e. URL Encoding and HTML Escaping data
  7. URL mapping
  8. Unified configuration refactor since 0.6

Challenging problems and recipes

There are many hard-to-solve problems in web application development. Please list major design issues here and include a recipe for current grails where possible, and a section detailing any thoughts you might have on a solution in the future. Once thoughts are formed they can move into the ideas section above.

  1. Multi-page domain class editing - Editing of domain objects requiring multiple forms for a single domain class instance
  2. Editing multiple domain objects on the same page

Developer discussion

  1. Grails 1.0 feature set