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Grails Roadmap

Grails 1.4

  • Dependency Updates: Groovy 1.8, Spring 3.1, Hibernate 3.6 and Tomcat 7
  • Agent Based Reloading
  • Better Plugin Usage Tracking
  • Better Java Integration (Expose GORM API via AST transformations)
  • Improved Scaffolding UI with HTML5 Enhancements
  • Improved Static Resource Handling
  • New Mixin-based unit testing support
  • Binary plugins
  • Replace Prototype With jQuery
  • Replace HSQLDB with H2
  • GORM Enhancements
    • Schema Migrations
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Abstract Inheritance
    • Implement findByOrCreate (or similar)

Target Date - 2011 Q3

Grails 2.0


Take modular development with plugins to the next level by allowing modular deployment with OSGi


  • Ability To Package Plugins As OSGi Bundles
  • Generic Security Abstraction Supported And Implemented By Different Plugins
  • Update Build System To Use Gradle
  • Implement All Hibernate Configuration Options

Target Date - 2012