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Grails Roadmap

Grails 1.2 "Bedivere"


The theme for this release is stability and upgrades to core components as well as the continued modularization of Grails core.


  • Spring 3.0 Support
  • Replace Jetty with Tomcat for default container
  • Standalone Groovy Server Pages (GSP)
  • Web Flow extracted into a plugin
  • Upgrade other key dependencies
  • Improvements to Plugin documentation generation
  • Precompilation of GSP
  • Incremental improvements to core
  • Named URL Mappings
Target Date - see JIRA Roadmap for latest date info.

Grails 2.0 "Galahad"


Take modular development with plugins to the next level by allowing modular deployment with OSGi


  • Ability to package plugins as OSGi bundles
  • Ability for plugins to declartively declare dependencies
  • Generic security abstraction supported and implemented by different plugins
  • Ability to override sensible defaults for constraints, cache strategy etc.

Target Date - TBC

Grails Plugin Roadmap

In parallel to the releases the continued development of an extended set of core plugins to add new functionality to Grails.

JPA Plugin

A plugin to enable GORM like functionality without requiring Hibernate. May wait for the JPA 2.0 specification to reach final draft in order to allow criteria API usage.


The first release of the JPA plugin is available at

JCR Plugin

A plugin to enable GORM like functionality backed onto a Java Content Repository (JCR)

Portlets Plugin

A plugin to allow deployment of Grails applications into a Portlet container.


The portlets plugin is available for general usage at

Grails + Flex Integration

A plugin that builds on the upcoming Spring-Flex project to make integrating Flex with Grails easier.