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Developing Grails with NetBeans

Setting Things Up

  1. Download and install Groovy
  2. Download and install Grails
  3. Download and install the development build of NetBeans.
  4. Install the Groovy and Grails plugin (Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins)


  1. Open the NetBeans Options dialog and select the Groovy category. Set the Groovy and Grails home directories.

Creating a Grails Project

  1. Choose File > New Project to create a new Grails Application:

  1. Your new Grails application will appear in the IDE:

  1. Right-click the Domain classes node and select "Create new Domain Class":

  1. Right-click the Controllers node and select "Create new controller":

  1. Right-click the GrailsWebLog project and select Grails > Run Application:


Groovy Editor (Basic coloring, formatting, bracket completion)


_GSP editor (coloring, highlighting of GSP tags, expressions and scriptlets)_

Additional Resources