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Creating, Distributing & Installing

Creating a Plugin

See this user guide section for information on creating plugins.

Distributing Plugins in Grails Plugins Repository

The preferred way to distribute a plugin is to publish it under the Grails Plugins Repository. This will make your plugin available via the 'grails list-plugins' command and make the plugin's info available via 'grails plugin-info <plugin_name>'.

Before you can start releasing plugins to the main repository, you first need an account.
1.) Sign up at
2.) If you have not already done so, then register to become a member of the Grails Plugins project - you should see an "Apply to join as a developer" link at the bottom of the left navigation bar.
3.) E-mail the developer mailing list to summarize what you would like to contribute and ask for your request to be processed. Include your xircles user name in the request, so your account can be approved.

Once you have a Xircles account and become a member of the Grails Plugins project, you'll need to follow "Grails Release Plugin" instructions to release the plugin to the Grails Community.

Check for instructions: and

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