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Get Involved!

Grails has a growing following and if you want to get involved the developers are all nice people (promise!) who are keen to have ideas, code and just about anything contributed. There are a number of ways to get involved with the Grails community.



  • Read Testimonials from Grails users who have experienced Grails first hand!
archives and post new questions/ideas to the community!
  • Come and chat to us on IRC at where most Grails developers can be found in the #groovy room
  • Write a Blog post about Grails, or even a Tutorial! Just talking about your experiences with Grails can either help others get involved or provide constructive feedback to the Grails team.
  • Look at other OpenSource Projects based on Grails or opensource your own project
  • Follow what is happening with Grails now and in the future with the Grails Issue Tracker and on the Roadmap. Or even better checkout the latest commits!
  • Contribute your own Custom Tags that could eventually be included in Grails core!
  • Post some ideas for new Grails features in the development Sandbox. This is the area where we play around with ideas before they are promoted into JIRA issues.
  • Add one of the Grails buttons on the left to your site or blog to help spread the word about Grails
  • Contribute yourself by becoming part of the Grails Team!
  • Are you web development company that uses Grails in your projects? Lets promote yourself on the Grails Development Firms page
  • Keep your skills up to date with GrailsMag
  • Attend a SpringSource training course to get up to speed with Grails quickly!

Attend a Conference

There are Groovy & Grails related conferences popping up all the time, below is a list of known event. If you know of or are organising a Groovy & Grails related conference, add it here:

United States