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Have you created an online tutorial for Grails or found one that you would like to share? Submit it now so that the whole Grails community can benefit! Submit Tutorial for Approval.

Getting i18n messages in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, i18n
submitted by sergiomichels 4 years ago

Tutorial to make your messages declared in messages*.properties available in the client side. This post also explore a different way of providing JavaScript to the browser, through Grails controllers.

German Grails Tutorial

Tags: introduction, german
submitted by RalfM 4 years ago

Just found this well made german tutorial. It might be a little bit old (covering Grails 2.0.0), but I guess it will help german developers a lot!

Grails in the Land of MongoDB

Tags: gorm, mongodb, nosql, data
submitted by admin 5 years ago

Groovy and Grails’ speed and simplicity are a perfect match to the flexibility and power of MongoDB. Dozens of plugins and libraries connect these two together, making it a breeze to get Grooving with MongoDB.

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