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How to apply Bootstrap themes to your projects

Tags: ui
submitted by jcaleb 2 years ago

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most popular library today to work with user interface concerns. Many commercial themes are now available so that developers can create beautiful looking websites almost instantly. This tutorial will guide a beginner G... read more

Tutorial on how to create Grails SEO friendly URL

Tags: seo, url
submitted by wickramben 2 years ago

Having SEO friendly URL is very important for your ranking on Google and other search engines. This step by step tutorial will show you how to generate and handle SEO URLs for your Grails website.

GORM Tutorial

Tags: gorm
submitted by TimSporcic 2 years ago

A tutorial showing how to use GORM for querying data from the perspective of developer familiar with SQL. The examples use both conventional GORM and HQL for typical queries used in applications. This includes samples of projections to solve GROUP BY... read more

Grails Tutorial for Beginners

Tags: beginner, introduction
submitted by gasia 2 years ago

This is a series of easy to follow tutorial that will guide you in learning Grails. It starts with preparing your development environment by installing Java, Grails and an IDE. Then it introduce different features of the framework step by step.

Getting i18n messages in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, i18n
submitted by sergiomichels 2 years ago

Tutorial to make your messages declared in messages*.properties available in the client side. This post also explore a different way of providing JavaScript to the browser, through Grails controllers.