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Grails in the Land of MongoDB

Tags: gorm, mongodb, nosql, data
submitted by admin 4 years ago

Groovy and Grails’ speed and simplicity are a perfect match to the flexibility and power of MongoDB. Dozens of plugins and libraries connect these two together, making it a breeze to get Grooving with MongoDB.

GORM Tutorial

Tags: gorm
submitted by TimSporcic 2 years ago

A tutorial showing how to use GORM for querying data from the perspective of developer familiar with SQL. The examples use both conventional GORM and HQL for typical queries used in applications. This includes samples of projections to solve GROUP BY... read more

A Simple Forum Application

Tags: forum, gorm, hql
submitted by gasia 9 months ago

Creating a working application is a good way to learn the Grails framework. You will be able to put different concepts together to make something work. Most sites teaches how to write a blog program. This tutorial will instead show how to implement a... read more