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kaufDA location-base-service written in Grails

kaufDA - Bonial Internation Group GmbH

kaufDA is a leading German site for local search and local promotion search. The company enables users to look for the best local sales online, search brochures of local retailers and find stores near them. In germany we operate with several hundreds of requests per second, handle millions of unique visitors each month and deliver more then TBs each day for local deals and promotions. We work and manage to run a high traffic system in 5 countries with more then 35 people in Product & Development.

Our innovative technologie stack in a professional environment including:

  • grails
  • postgres
  • mongoDB
  • puppet
  • activMQ
  • bamboo
  • ehCache
  • terracotta
  • graylog
  • errbit
  • sass
  • jQuery
  • solr
  • git
  • ...
Check our current open developer positions:

Built with Grails 2.5.0