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Clinic Management System


As JEE specialists we implement solutions for our clients that fit their needs, it takes months and years to complete. for our new product ( we could not afford the time necessary to complete our product without the sponsoring of a client. We discovered grails and got medERP to production in less than 3 months. With grails stack and plugins we included every aspect of advanced programming and optimizing we are used to.

This is a summary of the product (in french) Gestion de cabinet médical, basé sur une technologie web moderne. Il permet la collaboration entre le médecin (dossiers médicaux, visites, cas suivis, prescriptions, ordonnances types, situations financières ...) et l'assistante (rendez-vous, dossiers, constantes et règlements). Mederp est simple d'installation et d'utilisation, il permet une informatisation complète et efficace pour votre cabinet.

Built with Grails 2.5.0