Learn Grails in 5 easy steps

The following 5 steps will take you from knowing nothing about Grails to running a Grails application - all in a matter of minutes! And if you already have some knowledge of the framework, skip the steps you don't need.

1. What is Grails?

Never heard of Grails? Heard of it but not sure what it is or does? Watch this short presentation for a quick overview.

2. Try a sample application

Download the introductory sample application from GitHub:

Simply unpack the zip file and run either ./grailsw run-app (Unix-like systems) or grailsw run-app (from the command prompt on Windows) to have a running web application. You will need a Java SDK installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable set for this to work.

You can find more sample Grails applications on GitHub.

3. Download Grails

Grab the latest stable release of Grails.

Download Grails

You can find other Grails releases and methods of installation on the downloads page, for example installation via apt-get on Ubuntu or the gvm tool.

4. Installation

Quick and easy. Setting up a framework has never been as simple.

5. Manual & Tutorials

Extend your knowledge via the great user guide and extensive tutorial selection.