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Have you created a video that shows how to do something with Grails or shows off some of its features? Perhaps you've found one online. If so, please submit it so that other Grails users can benefit from it! Submit Screencast for Approval.

Introduction to Grails

Tags: groovy, grails, introduction
submitted by admin 7 years ago

Watch a series of screencasts introducing Grails. Follow the series as the author creates a clone of Stack Overflow. Watch the screencast series at

What is Grails?

Tags: promo, introduction
submitted by admin 6 years ago

Heard of Grails but don't know what it is? This short screencast will give you a feel for what it can do for you!

Want to learn more? Check out the Getting Started with Grails series of screencasts:

Introduction to Grails - Part 2

Tags: grails, introduction, beginner
submitted by admin 6 years ago

In this screencast, we continue on our task of creating a 'Stack Overflow' clone by adding more domain classes and relationships between them. We also cover how to test your classes using integration tests.

Getting Started with Grails - Part 2

Tags: gswg, introduction, tutorial, gsp
submitted by admin 5 years ago

In this second screencast, learn how to start building a custom user interface for your web applications using controller actions, GSP views, and CSS stylesheets.

Previous screencast:

The source code for the sample ... (read more)

Basics #1: Introduction to Grails

Tags: grails, introduction, example
submitted by admin 5 years ago

Video tutorial #1 of the Foundations in Grails series. This is an introduction to the components of Grails and the Model-View-Controler architecture. See for the entire course.

Basics #9: Building a Controller

Tags: introduction, controller
submitted by admin 5 years ago

Video tutorial #9 of the Foundations in Grails series. This video shows you how to build a controller, send text to the browser page, and set the default method. Visit for the entire course.

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