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Have you created a video that shows how to do something with Grails or shows off some of its features? Perhaps you've found one online. If so, please submit it so that other Grails users can benefit from it! Submit Screencast for Approval.

Yes you CAN use Grails

Tags: java, basics
submitted by admin 7 years ago

This is a rough and ready recording of me re-enacting the talk I gave at JAX London 2010 on February 24th. It talks about Grails basics and how Grails is the perfect fit for existing Java development shops, and the things you need to know to make it ... (read more)

Basics #10: Building a View

Tags: basics, view
submitted by admin 5 years ago

Video tutorial #10 in the Foundations in Grails series. In this video we continue building our basic Project Tracker stack by creating a view. For the entire course, visit

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