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GR8 CRM Dynamic i18n

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  • Latest: 2.4.0
  • Last Updated: 09 March 2015
  • Grails version: 2.2 > *
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Override i18n messages in your database to allow sysadmins to modify labels, help texts, etc. in your application. This plugin is based on the 'i18n-db' plugin and adds GR8 CRM multi-tenancy support. If you're not using GR8 CRM please use i18n-db instead. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:crm-i18n:2.4.0"

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j2ssh SSH Plugin

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Java J2SSH library combined with default websockets to provide your Grails web application with live SSH interaction functionality. Version 1 New Client/Server Websocket call: Make multiple connections and broadcast commands to a group of servers. You can either use default Websockets method which is a live interaction with your back-end ssh connection(s) or use Ajax polling which only supports 1 concurrent connection at any one time. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:jssh:1.10"

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