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QR Code plugin

  • Tags: /
  • Latest: 0.7
  • Last Updated: 13 March 2015
  • Grails version: 2.0.0 > *
3 votes

This plugin allows you to create QR codes as part of your Grailsapplication without the need for an external service. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:qrcode:0.7"

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Quartz 2.x Scheduler

  • Tags: legacy
  • Latest:
  • Last Updated: 25 January 2013
  • Grails version: 1.3.7 > *
10 votes

8% of Grails users

Uses the new Quartz 2 framework from The goal is to keep it as simple as possible while making it friendly for Groovy/Grails. Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:quartz2:"


queuekit plugin

0 vote

Queuekit plugin provides you with various ways of calling on TaskExecutor and specifically it's underlying queuing mechanism to control the creation of reports on your grails application. Queuekit can help whether you are using the existing grails export plugin or you manually produce csv,tsv or maybe even rely on apache-poi or it's likes to produce xls files as per user request. With this plugin you can change the process of files produces as requested to files produced when there is an availab... Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:queuekit:1.5"

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queuemail plugin

  • Tags: /
  • Latest: 1.0
  • Last Updated: 10 January 2017
  • Grails version: 2.4 > *
0 vote

Queuemail plugin is a centralised email queueing system configurable for many providers all centrally controlled and limited to either daily limit or failures exceeding failureTolerance limit (in a row). By default all email's passing through are priority driven and configured by overall customService name. Two methods of priority queueing are provided BASIC and ENHANCED (default). Enhanced launches an additional thread for each running task and will attempt to kill any running process considere... Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:queuemail:1.0"

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