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The RAP Widget Toolkit (RWT) for Grails

1 vote

This plugin integrates RWT - the web-ported Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) - into your Grails application. It enables you to build your RWT and JFace powered user interfaces using Groovy and the complete Grails framework stack with all its powerful features and syntactic DSL sugar. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":rwt:1.0.1"

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Apache Pivot Plugin for Grails

2 votes

Apache Pivot plugin allows your Grails application to use Apache Pivot 2.x features on Server side, and (if enabled the JarDownloadServlet in web.xml) even to forward Pivot jars to Clients, to be able to use the same jars even in Applets and Java Web Start Applications. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":apache-pivot-grails:1.0.5"

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Dojo for Grails

11 votes

The Dojo Plugin adds the Dojo toolkit to your application. This javascript library provides a complete collection of user interface controls, giving you the power to create web applications that are highly optimized for usability, performance, internationalization, accessibility, but above all deliver an incredible user experience. This plugin provides full support for <g:formRemote>, <g:remoteField>, <g:remoteFunction>, <g:remoteLink> and <g:submitToRemote>. Also adds these two tags: <dojo:pagi... Read more

Dependency :
compile ":dojo:"

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Knockoutjs for Grails

0 vote

Provides necessary Javascript files for using Knockoutjs ( with grails. Stable knockoutjs version: 1.2.1 Unstable knockoutjs version: 1.3.0rc Read more

Dependency :
compile ""