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Provides Mail support to a running Grails application

supported by SpringSource

  • Tags : mail, messaging, javamail, grails2
  • Latest : 1.0.4
  • Last Updated: 07 March 2014
  • Grails version : 1.3 > *
60 votes

44% of Grails users

This plug-in provides a MailService class as well as configuring the necessary beans within the Spring ApplicationContext.

It also adds a "sendMail" method to all controller classes. A typical example usage is:

sendMail { to "","" from "" cc "", "" bcc "" subject "Hello John" text "this is some text" } Read more

Dependency :
compile ":mail:1.0.4"

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Audit Logging Plugin

22 votes

5% of Grails users

Automatically log change events for domain objects.The Audit Logging plugin adds an instance hook to domain objects that allows you to hangAudit events off of them. The events include onSave, onUpdate, onChange and onDelete.When called the event handlers have access to oldObj and newObj definitions thatwill allow you to take action on what has changed.Stable Releases: 0.5.3 (Grails 1.2 or below) 0.5.4 (Grails 1.3 or above) (Grails 1.3 or above) (Grails 1.3 or above) Read more

Dependency :
compile ":audit-logging:"

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Excel, Excel 2007 & CSV Importer Using Apache POI

14 votes

3% of Grails users

Excel-Import plugin uses Apache POI library (v 3.7) to parse Excel files. It's useful for either bootstrapping data, or when you want to allow your users to enter some data using Excel spreadsheets. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":excel-import:1.0.0"

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