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Audit Logging Plugin

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Automatically log change events for domain objects.The Audit Logging plugin adds an instance hook to domain objects that allows you to hangAudit events off of them. The events include onSave, onUpdate, onChange and onDelete.When called the event handlers have access to oldObj and newObj definitions thatwill allow you to take action on what has changed.Stable Releases: 0.5.3 (Grails 1.2 or below) 0.5.4 (Grails 1.3 or above) (Grails 1.3 or above) (Grails 1.3 or above) Read more

Dependency :
compile ":audit-logging:"

Source Issues

Audit Trail

  • Tags : auditing
  • Latest : 2.0.0
  • Last Updated: 29 June 2012
  • Grails version : 1.3 > *
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Please use version 2.0.1,Version 2.0.0 has a big bug when use with spring-securite-ui Read more

Dependency :
compile ":audit-trail:2.0.0"