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Foundation CSS Framework for Grails

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Provides the Foundation CSS framework resources. Foundation is an easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. It integrates nicely with the resources plugin. Read more

Dependency :
runtime ":foundation:5.2.2"

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Domain Expectations

  • Tags : testing
  • Latest : 0.6.1
  • Last Updated: 08 March 2012
  • Grails version : 1.1
1 vote

A test framework that allows you to test your domain/command constraints by defining expectations within a unit test or integration test. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":domain-expectations:0.6.1"

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Rpm Plugin

  • Tags : /
  • Latest : 0.10.1
  • Last Updated: 09 September 2013
  • Grails version : 2.0 > *
1 vote

Create an rpm from your grails artifacts, based configuration in Config.groovy. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":rpm:0.10.1"

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