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Bridges Weceem authentication to Spring Security

  • Tags : weceem
  • Latest : 1.2
  • Last Updated: 11 April 2014
  • Grails version : 2.1 > *
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Provides the glue needed to make Weceem plugin use Spring Security for authorisation and authentication. Your application still needs to configure Spring-Security however. The domain class is expected to include "email" property. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":weceem-spring-security:1.2"

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Configurable i18n Messaging for Artefacts

  • Tags : internationalization, i18n
  • Latest : 1.0
  • Last Updated: 24 March 2014
  • Grails version : 1.2 > *
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This plugin has the ability to add the message function just as in controllers to services or other arbitrarily defined grails artefacts. The artefacts may be configured in Config.groovy.

Please note: No warranty is implied or given with this plugin. Read more

Dependency :
compile ":artefact-messaging:1.0"

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