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Spring Cache Plugin

  • Authors: Grails Plugin Collective
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compile "org.grails.plugins:springcache:1.3.1"



Provides annotation-driven caching of service methods and page fragments.


For Grails 1.2.0-M3 and up...

grails install-plugin springcache

For older Grails versions...

grails install-plugin springcache 1.0.1


This plugin is no longer maintained. It has been superseded by the Cache plugin which is developed and supported by SpringSource.

Springcache Plugin

The Springcache plugin allows you to easily add the following functionality to your Grails project:

  • Caching of Spring bean methods (typically Grails service methods).
  • Caching of page fragments generated by Grails controllers.
  • Cache flushing when Spring bean methods or controller actions are invoked.
The plugin depends on the EhCache and EhCache-Web libraries.

Plugin documentation is now hosted here.