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Grails Spring Security Stateless Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:security-stateless:0.0.9"

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Implements stateless authentication, with optional use of using Spring Security.


compile ':security-stateless:0.0.8'


Grails plugin to implement really stateless authentication. It is based on the procedure described at

Long story short: we do not keep tokens. We generate a self-contained token, sign it, and give it to the client. The client then send this token on every request. As the token is signed, the client can't mess with it. And as the token is self-contained, we don't need to keep it, only verify it.

In general, when you try to access a protected method, you will get a 401 (UNAUTHORIZED) if there isn't a valid token on the Authorization header.

Documentation and sorce at github: