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GORM for Riak

  • Authors: Jon Brisbin
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compile "org.grails.plugins:riak:1.0.0.M4"

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A plugin that integrates the Riak document/data store into Grails.


grails install-plugin riak


Riak is an Internet-scale Key/Value (NoSQL) datastore that stores arbitrary data based on Content-Type, has an efficient HTTP REST API, and supports queries and data filtering via Map/Reduce operations written in either Javascript or Erlang.

This project aims to provide an object-mapping framework on top of Riak to ease common activities like:

  • Converting objects to/from JSON for storage in Riak
  • Easy access to custom Map/Reduce queries
  • Validating domain instances backed by the Riak datastore
See the user guide for further information on the plugin.

GORM for Riak is built on the Spring Data for Riak support. You can find out more about all the functionality available to your Grails applications using the RiakTemplate by perusing the official reference documentation for Spring Data Key/Value for Riak.

Sources can be found on GitHub