Plugin Platform Core

  • Tags : utility
  • Latest : 1.0.RC6
  • Last Updated: 11 November 2013
  • Grails version : 1.3 > *
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Dependency :
compile ":platform-core:1.0.RC6"

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Grails Plugin Platform Core APIs


grails install-plugin platform-core


Plugin Platform Core

This plugin provides functionality for applications and plugins to use to achieve greater integration with each other.

These include:

  • Configuration API for declaring configuration options and validating them
  • Events API for synchronous and asynchronous events
  • Security API to abstract common security functions
  • Navigation API for applications and plugins that wish to expose and render their menu navigation
  • Naming conventions for plugin Config options, i18n text, request, session and flash attributes
  • UI Extensions providing useful tags missing from Grails Core and integrating with automatically namespaced i18n text
For full docs see Github documentation