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GVPS (Grails Video Pseudo Streamer) Plugin

  • Authors: Sergey Nebolsin, Graeme Rocher, Ryan Vanderwerf, Peter N. Steinmetz, Cantina Consulting <>
  • License: Apache License 2.0
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compile "org.grails.plugins:gvps:0.5"

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This Grails web application plugin makes it relatively easy to host videos.


grails install-plugin gvps


This plugin is written for the Grails web application framework, and intends to make it relatively easy to host videos. The goals of this plugin are as follows:
  • Host, manage and display video assets
  • Provide an easy mechanism to convert standard movie formats Quicktime, MPEG, etc. to the flash movie format FLV
  • Perform movie conversions (i.e. MPEG -> FLV) or (MPEG -> MP4) asynchronously
  • Provide options for JW-FLV or Flowplayer (fast forward and rewind capabilities)