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Fitnesse Grails Plugin

  • Authors: Erik Pragt
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compile "org.grails.plugins:fitnesse:2.0.4"
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The Fitnesse Grails plugin provides a bridge between Fitnesse and Grails.


grails install-plugin fitnesse


This plugin makes it possible to use the popular Open Source testing framework Fitnesse in combination with Grails.


You can view the plugin documentation here.


Fitnesse is an Acceptance Test framework, and, as such, is different from Functional or Unit test frameworks.

While Unit Tests focuses more on the design of the code and the functional correctness on a unit level (as in: per class) and Functional tests focus more on the UI and flow of pages, Fitnesse fills the gap between those areas. Fitnesse focuses on the correct behaviour of Business Logic. Fitnesse does this without the need for a UI, but it focus is much wider than a single unit of work.

Fitnesse allows complete scripts of business functionality to be tested, with complete integration in the system. Also, because Fitnesse tests are not concerned with implementation details, Fitnesse Tests can be written Test First, allowing a fully integrated TDD approach from a requirement level, which isn't possible with most other frameworks.

For more information about Fitnesse, please check the Fitnesse website.

Source code

Source code of the plugin is available on github.

Release history

April 26, 2012, 2.0.3 Release.

  • Small bugfix in the _Events.groovy, due to conflicts in closure name with Functional test plugin.
  • Another small bugfix in the _Install.groovy. The .donotdelete file for the fitnesse directory was created in the wrong dir.
April 23, 2012, 2.0.2 Release.
  • Small bugfix in the _Install.groovy. Thanks to Nicolas Vinet for reporting!
April 16, 2012, 2.0.1 Release.
  • Implemented better user feedback
  • Fixed some bugs in the documentation, most notably the quickstart.
  • Enabled PDF support for documentation
  • Enabled bundled example project
April 12, 2012, 2.0 Release.
  • After a long time of inactivity, there's a new release, thanks to John Engelman. Thanks for the great work John!
  • JUnit Test Reports implemented
  • Included latest Fitnesse (20111025)
June 10, 2011, 1.0 Release.
  • Feature: Support for GivWenZen
  • Bugfix: Fixed the tutorial documentation (thanks Pierre D. Tremblay!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the dependency resolution of libraries (thanks Steef de Bruijn)
  • Bugfix: Fixed plugin scopes (thanks Steef de Bruijn)
May 18, 2011, 0.95 Release.
  • Feature: Enabled easy mapping of enums classes
  • Improvement: Improved Query Fixture DSL to allow dotted notation
  • Improvement: Enhanced reloading of application
March 22, 2011, 0.9 Release.
  • Version number is 0.9 because the plugin is quite feature complete now, and is almost stable enough to be a 1.0
  • Transaction support for FitNesse test pages
  • Improved reloading of fixtures
  • @Fixture annotation to mark fixtures classes
  • JSON to complex objects conversion supports collections and hasMany relationships in domain objects
  • Fixes for grails scripts generating fixture classes
  • Documentation improvements and fixes
  • Added configuration option to specify the default suite to be run using grails test-app integration:fitnesse
March 1, 2011, 0.5 Release.
  • Grails test runner for Fitnesse (grails test-app integration:fitnesse)
  • Script for starting Fitnesse wiki server (grails run-fitnesse)
  • Per environment disabling of Grails Slim server
  • Improved dependency injection for Fitnesse fixtures to fix automatic application reloading after modifying services
  • Source code repository migration to github
  • Tests are now run within a Hibernate session to get rid of LazyInitializationExceptions in some scenarios
  • Naming of configuration parameters have changed to be more consistent and comply with Grails conventions. Beware: the 'plugins' configuration option has changes to 'plugin' (without the 's')
November 16, 2010, 0.4 Release.
  • Complete refactoring of the plugin thanks to Marcin Erdmann (ie using Artefacts, Artefact Templates, JSON Code to enable complex objects, and more!)
  • Important: All fixtures should now be end with the suffix 'Fixture', as in 'CalculateFixture'. In the Wiki you can still refer to them as 'Calculate', but the plugin adds a Fixture suffix when looking for the class.
  • Improved error messages
  • You can now create complex objects from within Fitnesse by using JSON syntax.
  • More documentation!
  • Fixed some bugs in documentation (thanks Olivier Hedin for reporting!)
October 12, 2010, 0.3 Release.
  • Added more documentation (configuration options, quickstart), refactored the internals
  • Added verbose logging switch
  • Fixed a Grails reloading bug, which caused ports to be opened twice. Now the plugin closes all ports, and reopens them whenever Grails forces a restart
  • You can now throw StopTest Exceptions from Fixture constructors (which is not possible in the Java Fitnesse)
September 19, 2010 0.2 release.
  • First public release. Includes lots of documentation, including a tutorial with 3 fixture types.
September 15, 2010, 0.1 release.
  • Initial release