JFreeChart Eastwood Plugin

  • Tags : chart
  • Latest : 0.5
  • Last Updated: 16 March 2009
  • Grails version : *
  • Authors : null
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Dependency :
compile ":eastwood-chart:0.5"



To use the plugin you will need the latest version of the Google Charts plugin which 0.5.0 (the current version in the repository is 0.4.8) To install it run
grails install-plugin http://svn.codehaus.org/grails-plugins/grails-google-chart/trunk/grails-google-chart-0.5.0.zip

Now google-chart plugins mainstream release is 0.5.2.

grails install-plugin google-chart
does the job!


To install

grails install-plugin eastwood-chart
After install test out the charts by going to this page:
  • to use google charts once the google chart plugin is installed you need to use the namespace gchart.


JFreeChart Eastwood Chart Plugin

This is a plugin for JFreeChart Eastwood Chart Servlet.

Eastwood Chart features:


Go here for some sample charts created with Eastwood http://www.jfree.org/eastwood/samples.html