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CXF plug-in for Grails

  • Authors: Grails Plugin Consortium, Christian Oestreich, Ryan Crum, Ben Doerr
  • License: Apache License 2.0
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compile "org.grails.plugins:cxf:2.1.1"

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Brings easy exposure of service and endpoint classes as Apache CXF SOAP Services to Grails.


Add a dependency in BuildConfig.groovy:

compile ':cxf:<plugin version>'


The Grails Cxf plugin makes exposing classes (services and endpoints) as SOAP web services easy and painless. Since version 1.0.0, it has been rewritten and enhanced to support more features including the migration to grails 2.x.

Plugin version 2.1.1 uses cxf 3.0.4. This requires wss4j security to be 2.x. There may be some changes that will need to be made to any existing wss4j implementation when upgrading.

Plugin version 2.0.x uses cxf version is 2.6.2

For basic usage see

Some new things as of version 1.0.0 are as follows:

  • The plugin will autowire configured classes in the grails-app/endpoints AND the grails-app/services directories
  • Endpoint creation scripts create-endpoin and create-endpoint-simple scripts will create cxf artefacts in grails-app/endpoints
  • Service creation scripts create-cxf-service and create-cxf-service-simple will create cxf artefacts in grails-app/services
  • The suggested pattern to isolate cxf endpoints is to have endpoints live in grails-app/endpoints directory (or you can use grails-app/services for overlapping and shared services)
  • Built in support for simple Map response type handling via @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(GrailsCxfMapAdapter.class) method annotation has been included to use or to kick start your own map adapter creation
  • Many new examples to help with configuration can be found in the source via functional specs and test classes at
  • Default plugin configuration is provided via DefaultCxfConfig.groovy. Although usually not necessary, you can override in your project's Config.groovy
  • Support for soap 1.2 has been added on a service-by-service or global scope
  • The default url for wsdl viewing remains http://server/appname/services as it was in previous versions. Multiple cxf servlet endpoints can be configured or the default changed via Config.goovy
  • Wsdl First services are now available to use
Full plugin documentation can be found in detail at