Burning Image

  • Tags: image, manipulation, crop
  • Latest: 0.5.1
  • Last Updated: 26 October 2012
  • Grails version: 1.2 > *
  • Authors: null
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compile ":burning-image:0.5.1"



Image manipulation plugin that allows you to easily attach images to any domain class via an annotation. You can also configure the plugin to scale images and perform other operation.


grails install-plugin burning-image


Only versions 0.5.1+ work with Grails 2.2+.

Grails plugin for image manipulation and image upload handling. Current version allows:

  • use of JAI or ImageMagick rendering engines
  • scale image with approximate width and height
  • scale image with accurate width and height
  • add image watermark
  • crop image
  • write text on image
  • mark domain class as file image container by using @FileImageContainer annotation
  • mark domain class as DB image container by using @DBImageContainer annotation
  • save image bound to domain class by using ImageUploadService
  • validate uploaded image
  • update files stored on server and uploaded as a MultipartFile
To learn more go to plugin home page.