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  • Authors: Marc Palmer
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compile "org.grails.plugins:blueprint:1.0.2"

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This plugin provides the Blueprint CSS framework resource files


grails install-plugin blueprint


This plugin provides the Blueprint CSS framework resource files and resource tags.

This plugin exists to allow other grails plugins to use dependency resolution to include blueprint css to avoid duplication in applications (see here). If you need a newer release of Blueprint CSS please do update this plugin yourself and release it with version number matching the release it encapsulates. Don't bother contacting me about this, just go ahead and do it. This is a low-complexity plugin with no release schedules/plans.

Including the resources

Using the resources framework (recommended)

If you are using the Grails resources framework you simply include a "use" tag in your GSP or layout as normal and include the names of the modules you need. The modules exposed by this plugin are:

  • blueprint - the core resources, including conditional MS IE CSS
  • blueprint-print - the CSS for print-media
  • blueprint-buttons - the buttons plugin
  • blueprint-fancy-type - the fancy-type plugin
  • blueprint-link-icons the link-icons plugin
  • blueprint-rtl - the rtl plugin
The "blueprint" resource module has ids declared on the "main" and "ie" resources, so you can configure your application to bundle these resources separately. Bundling MS IE CSS in with normal CSS would break layout for non-IE browsers.

Without the resources framework

The legacy way to include the resources is to use the dedicated tag:


You place this in the <head> section of your GSP page or template. There is an optional "plugins" attribute for a comma-delimited list of blueprint plugins to load - the default fancytype, link-icons, buttons and rtl plugins are excluded. E.g. to include the buttons and fancytype plugins you'd instead use the tag:

<blueprint:resources plugins="buttons, fancytype"/>