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Grails 2.3.0 GA Released!

Submitted by admin 3 years ago, published on

Just in time for those enjoying SpringOne/2GX we are pleased to announce the availability of Grails 2.3 GA!

Grails 2.3 includes a number of significant new features including:

  • Complete REST support
  • Async Programming APIs
  • Dependency Management with Aether
  • Forked Execution Everywhere
  • XSS Prevention
  • Rewritten Data Binding
  • Hibernate 4 Support
  • Loads of smaller, useful features!
For more information please see the What's New in Grails 2.3 guide.

Further information about the release can be found in the release notes.

We are aware that the IDEs will require some updates to work with Grails 2.3.0. If you plan to use 2.3.0 soon, please use the Intellij IDEA EAPs and latest GGTS milestone releases which include updates to work with Grails 2.3.0

Thanks to all those who contributed feedback during the milestone and RC phase. Enjoy!

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