Grails 2.3 M1 Out Now!

Submitted by graemerocher 11 months ago, published on

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of Grails 2.3 M1! This is the first milestone release leading up to 2.3 GA.

The release includes numerous features and improvements. The most significant of which are:

  • Dependency Management based on Aether
  • New and improved Data binding mechanism
  • XSS Prevention
  • Asynchronous Programming APIs
  • Forked Execution for run-app, test-app and console
  • Hibernate 4 Support (in beta)
We encourage you to checkout the full release notes. Below are a few use links for reference: The next milestone is due in 6 weeks time and will include:
  • REST Improvements
  • More Stable Hibernate 4 Plugin
  • Async Eventing Model
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