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Creates a link that can be used where necessary (for example in an href, javascript, ajax call etc.)


Example controller for an application called "shop":

Example usages for the "shop" app:

<g:resource dir="css" file="main.css" /> == /shop/css/main.css
<g:resource dir="css" file="main.css" absolute="true"/> == http://portal.mygreatsite.com/css/main.css
<g:resource dir="css" file="main.css" base="http://admin.mygreatsite.com"/> == http://admin.mygreatsite.com/css/main.css

Example as a method call in GSP only:

<link type="text/css" href="${resource(dir:'css',file:'main.css')}" />

Results in:

<link type="text/css" href="/shop/css/main.css" />



  • base (optional) - Sets the prefix to be added to the link target address, typically an absolute server URL. This overrides the behaviour of the absolute property, if both are specified.x≈
  • contextPath (optional) - the context path to use (relative to the application context path). Defaults to "" or path to the plugin for a plugin view or template.
  • dir (optional) - the name of the directory within the grails app to link to
  • file (optional) - the name of the file within the grails app to link to
  • absolute (optional) - If set to "true" will prefix the link target address with the value of the grails.serverURL property from Config, or http://localhost:<port> if no value in Config and not running in production.
  • plugin (optional) - The plugin to look for the resource in