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Includes the response of another controller/action or view in the current response


Example controller for an application called "shop":

class BookController {
     def list = { [ books: Book.list( params ) ] }
     def show = { [ book : Book.get( params['id'] ) ] }

Example usages for above controller:

<g:include action="show" id="1" />
<g:include action="show" id="${currentBook.id}" />
<g:include controller="book" />
<g:include controller="book" action="list" />
<g:include action="list" params="[sort:'title',order:'asc',author:currentBook.author]" />

Example as a method call in controllers, tag libraries or GSP:

def content = g.include(action:'list',controller:'book')



  • action (optional) - the name of the action to use in the include
  • controller (optional) - the name of the controller to use in the include
  • id (optional) - the id to use in the include
  • view (optional) - The name of the view to use in the include
  • params (optional) - a map containing request parameters
  • model (optional) - Any request attributes (the model) to pass to the view to be included