(Quick Reference)



The bootstrap command is mainly intended to be used by other scripts and enables the ability to bootstrap a Grails application instance outside of the container for usage in tools that require a reference to Grails' ApplicationContext

Examples of its usage include Grails' shell and console


When used as an include you need to supply the following at the top of your Gant script:

includeTargets << new File ( "${grailsHome}/scripts/Bootstrap.groovy" )

Once this is in place you can bootstrap Grails using two distinct methods:

  • loadApp - Loads and creates the GrailsApplication instance
  • configureApp - Loads all the Grails plug-ins and creates the Spring ApplicationContext

The loadApp command will create a grailsApp variable which you can the evaluate:

grailsApp.allClasses.each { println it }

The configureApp command will create pluginManager and appCtx variables representing the GrailsPluginManager instance and the Spring ApplicationContext

Connection c = appCtx.getBean('dataSource').getConnection()
// do something with connection



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