(Quick Reference)



Helper tag for creating radio button groups


<g:radioGroup name="myGroup" values="[1,2,3]" value="1" >
<p><g:message code="${it.label}" />: ${it.radio}</p>

results in:

<p>Radio 1: <input type="radio" name="myGroup" value="1" checked="checked" /></p>
<p>Radio 2: <input type="radio" name="myGroup" value="2" /></p>
<p>Radio 3: <input type="radio" name="myGroup" value="3" /></p>

<g:radioGroup name="lovesGrails" labels="['Yes!','Of course!','Always!']" values="[1,2,3]" >
<p>${it.label} ${it.radio}</p>

results in:

<p>Yes! <input type="radio" name="lovesGrails" value="1" /></p>
<p>Of course! <input type="radio" name="lovesGrails" value="2" /></p>
<p>Always! <input type="radio" name="lovesGrails" value="3" /></p>


The body of the tag contains the GSP to render for each value. The two following variables are provided for use:

  • it.label - the label for the current value
  • it.radio - the radio button <input> tag for the current value


  • name (required) - The name of the group
  • values (required) - The list values for the radio buttons
  • value (optional) - The current selected value
  • labels (optional) - Labels for each value contained in the values list. If this is ommitted the label property on the iterator variable (see below) will default to 'Radio ' + value.