(Quick Reference)



Lists all of the instances of the domain class.


// list everything
def results = Book.list()
// list 10 results
def results = Book.list(max:10)
// list 10 results, offset by 100
def results = Book.list(max:10, offset:100)
// list 10 results, offset by 100, orderd by title in descending order
def results = Book.list(max:10, offset:100, sort:"title", order:"desc")

// list all books, eagerly fetching the authors association def results = Book.list(fetch:[authors:"eager"])



  • max - The maximum number to list
  • offset - The offset from the first result to list from
  • order - The order to list by, either "desc" or "asc"
  • sort - The property name to sort by
  • ignoreCase - Whether to ignore the case when sorting. Default is true.
  • fetch - The fetch policy for the object's associations as a Map