(Quick Reference)



Starts an instance of the Groovy terminal shell with an initialized Grails runtime.


grails shell



grails [environment]* shell

Starts the Grails shell, which is an extended version of the regular Groovy shell. Within the binding of the shell there are a couple of useful variables:

  • ctx - The Spring ApplicationContext instance
  • grailsApplication - The GrailsApplication instance

These are useful as they allow access to the conventions within Grails and interesting beans in the context.

Fired Events:

  • StatusFinal - When the shell is loaded

Example Shell:

Groovy Shell (1.1-rc-1, JVM: 1.5.0_07-87)
Type 'go' to execute statements; Type 'help' for more information.
groovy> Book.list()
groovy> go