(Quick Reference)



Runs the packaging phase of Grails' runtime. This is mainly useful when used by other scripts.


As an include:

includeTargets << new File ( "${grailsHome}/scripts/Package.groovy" )

As a command:

grails package



grails package

When used as an include you need to supply the following at the top of your Gant script:

includeTargets << new File ( "${grailsHome}/scripts/Package.groovy" )

Once this is in place there are a number of useful commands that can be re-used:

  • loadPlugins - Loads all of the Grails plug-ins and creates the GrailsPluginManager instance
  • generateWebXml - Generates the Grails web.xml deployment descriptor
  • generateLog4j - Generates the Grails log4j properties file
  • packageApp - Calls all of the above 3 targets in the appropriate order

Typically packageApp is the most useful as it performs all the necessary packaging steps