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Our continuous integration server runs on Travis CI, and builds Grails and Grails plugins.

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Build name master 3.3.x

Grails Build Status

Build name master 3.3.x 3.2.x
Build name master 3.3.x 3.2.x 3.1.x 3.0.x 2.5.x 2.4.x 2.3.x
Build name master 3.3.x
Build name master 3.3.x


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GORM Master

Grails Guides Build Status

Grails Version Build name Status
3.3.8 Combining the Grails Vue profile client and server projects
3.3.8 Deploy to AWS ElasticBeanstalk
3.3.8 @ConfigurationProperties in Grails App
3.3.9 Download an Excel file in Grails App
3.3.8 Grails GORM Data Services
3.3.6 Grails on Circle CI Basics
3.3.6 Grails on Travis Basics
3.3.5 Grails Mock Logging with Slf4j Test
3.3.5 Send Email and Spock Spring
3.3.5 Grails Basic Auth
3.3.5 Twitter OAuth with Grails 3 and Spring Security REST
3.3.2 GORM Logical delete
3.3.2 JavaMelody monitoring with Grails 3
Building a Vue.js app with Grails
3.3.2 Google OAuth2 with Grails 3 and Spring Security REST
3.3.3 Using the Vue.js Grails Profile
3.3.2 Message Queues with Grails 3 and RabbitMQ
3.3.2 Grails + @Scheduled
3.3.2 GORM Event Listeners
3.3.2 Grails ElasticSearch
Creating a React app with Spring Security
3.3.2 Schedule periodic tasks inside your Grails applications
3.3.2 Grails as a Docker Container
3.3.2 Use docker to provide external services to your Grails app
4.0.0 Building a GORM/GraphQL App with React and Apollo
3.3.2 Grails YourKit Profiling
3.3.1 Grails Multi-datasource
3.3.1 Grails & SOAP
3.3.1 Querying the Database using GORM Dynamic Finders
3.3.1 Configure Datasources dynamically while using DATABASE Multi-tenancy
3.3.8 Custom Tenant Resolver by Current Logged in User
3.3.1 Grails Events
3.3.1 Build a Ratpack application which uses GORM
3.3.1 Grails Promises
3.3.1 Consume and test a third-party REST API
3.3.1 Grails Database Migration
N/A - Spring Boot Version: 1.5.6.RELEASE Build a Spring Boot application with GORM
3.3.1 Build a Grails 3 application with the Vaadin 8 Framework
3.3.0 Grails Logging
3.3.0 Replacing a Node/Express API with Grails
Grails Version Build name Status
3.3.0 Grails Code Coverage
3.3.0 Single Database Multi-Tenancy - Discriminator Column
3.3.0 Grails Controller Testing
3.3.0 Combining the React profile projects
3.3.0 Static code analysis in a Grails app with CodeNarc
3.3.0 Google Home Guide
3.3.1 Grails Multi-Project Build
3.3.0 Database per Tenant Multi-Tenancy
3.3.9 How to change languages in a Grails app?
3.3.0 Deploy a Grails app to Google Cloud
3.3.0 Grails Service Testing
3.3.1 Using HAL with JSON Views
3.3.0 Grails Spring Security Core Plugin Custom Authentication
3.3.8 How to test Domain class constraints?
3.3.0 Building a Graph application with Grails and Neo4j
3.3.1 Build a TVML App with Grails
3.3.6 How to upload a file with Grails 3
3.3.1 Adding Commit Info to your Grails Application
3.3.1 Deploy a Grails 3 App to Pivotal Web Services (PWS)
3.3.0 Building a REST API with Grails and AngularJS 1.x
3.3.1 Building an Android client powered by a Grails backend
3.3.1 Building a Objective-C iOS Client powered by a Grails backend
3.3.0 Building a Swift iOS Client powered by a Grails backend
3.3.1 Create and test a Grails 3 TagLib; integrate the Trix WYSWYG editor
3.3.1 Run Grails Geb Functional Tests with multiple Browsers
3.3.1 Creating your first Grails Application
3.3.8 Testing a Secured Grails Application
3.3.1 Using Command Objects To Handle Form Data
3.3.5 Building a React App
3.3.0 Combining the Angular Profile Projects
3.3.2 Using the React Profile
3.3.0 Building a REST application with MongoDB
3.3.0 Building a REST application with GORM and Hibernate 5
3.3.1 Sending Server Sent Events with Grails
3.3.1 Developing Grails 3 Applications with IntelliJ IDEA
3.3.1 Retrieving Config Values
3.3.0 AngularJS Scaffolding with Grails 3
3.3.1 Grails Multi Project Builds
3.3.1 JSON Views
3.3.1 Grails Interceptors