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Meet the team!

Grails was started by a small group of keen followers of the Groovy language and inspired by the "code by convention" paradigm of frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

The project was initiated by Guillaume LaForge and founded by Steven Devijver and Graeme Rocher ( - who is the current Project Lead. Below the current active members on the project and their roles:

Graeme Rocher - Project Lead/Committer

As well as being project lead of Grails, Graeme is CTO at G2One Inc, the Groovy/Grails company. G2One Inc are an open source services organisation providing training, consultancy, support and products around Groovy & Grails. Blog at

Marc Palmer - Committer

Marc is a freelance Java/Web contractor who is sick of forever creating yet another web framework and is overjoyed that Grails has arrived. He is slowly getting more into the code base and committing more features. He's also a JIRA obsessive and loves having a well defined release roadmap. Blog at

Dierk Koenig -Committer

Dierk focusses on the functional testing aspect of Grails and provided the open-source Canoo WebTest integration. Dierk works for Canoo Engineering in Basel, Switzerland. He is lead author of Groovy in Action.

Steven Devijver - Committer

Steven co-founded Grails together with Graeme, Guillaume Laforge and Dierk. Blog.

Sven Haiges - Evangelist / Patcher

Sven is responsible for the Grails Podcast and Grails Screencasts and is an active Grails evangelist. He is working at Actionality and his responsibilities include the evolution of their web platforms as well as J2ME development for their mobile advertisement solutions. Check out his blog at for further information.

Jason Rudolph - Committer / Evangelist

Jason Rudolph is a Principal Software Engineer at Relevance, a leading consultancy and training organization specializing in Ruby, Rails, Groovy, and Grails, and integrating them into enterprise environments. He is the author of the book, Getting Started with Grails, as well as several articles and tutorials about Grails. You can find Jason online at

Jeff Brown - Committer

For over 10 years Jeff has been involved in designing and building object oriented systems. Jeff currently teaches a number of Java and object oriented training courses in addition to doing consulting and mentoring work for industries including Aerospace, Financial and Medical. Areas of expertise include Java, agile web development with Groovy and Grails, distributed computing, object database systems, object oriented analysis and design and agile development. Jeff became a Grails committer in 2006 and will continue to be an active contributor. Blog at

Marcel Overdijk - Committer

Marcel is a Technical Consultant at Valid ICT based in The Netherlands. From origin he is an Oracle developer building client/server database applications using Oracle's productive 4GL tooling. After 5 years as Oracle developer he needed a new challenge and as a result he switched to Java at the end of 2003. Since then he is always looking for a highly productive, standards-based and industry accepted development framework for designing and building database applications. With Grails, he thinks a true candidate has arrived. Blog at

Sergey Nebolsin - Committer

Sergey is a freelance Java contractor from Russia who has done a number of projects for Tradition and Sytech. He primarily focusses on developing server-side of enterprise applications and one day he was delighted by Grails magic. Now he have got an offing to concentrate on real work and not spend time for writing boilerplate code. He decided to use this released time for improving Grails itself and this led him to become Grails committer.

Lee Butts - Committer

Lee is a director at Refactor, a software development consultancy based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. He has been committing on Grails since June 07 and has implemented several commercial Grails applications. He has been working on commercial Java projects for over 6 years and looks forward to the new challenges of Grails. He's blogs about Grails at

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